mortise cylinder

   a threaded cylinder typically used in mortise locks of American manufacture

Locksmith dictionary . 2014.

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  • flexible head mortise cylinder —   n.    an adjustable mortise cylinder which can be extended against spring pressure to a slightly longer length …   Locksmith dictionary

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  • dummy cylinder —   n.    a non functional facsimile of a rim or mortise cylinder used for appearance only, usually to conceal a cylinder hole …   Locksmith dictionary

  • concealed shell cylinder —   n.    a specially constructed (usually mortise) cylinder. Only the plug face is visible when the lock trim is in place …   Locksmith dictionary

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  • profile cylinder —   n.    a cylinder with a usually uniform cross section, which slides into place and usually is held by a mounting screw. It is typically used in mortise locks of non U.S. manufacture …   Locksmith dictionary

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