plug retainer

   the cylinder component which secures the plug in the shell

Locksmith dictionary . 2014.

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  • active plug retainer —   n.    one in which the plug must be turned befor the device may be released or removed …   Locksmith dictionary

  • retainer pin —   n.    1. a component seated on a spring, in the end of a plug, that interacts with a retainer cap to keep it in place.    2. Any non threaded rod that maintains the relationship of two or more different parts …   Locksmith dictionary

  • active retainer —   n.    1. a cylinder retaining mechanism which requires that the plug be rotated before the cylinder can be removed,    2. a plug retaining mechanism which requires that the plug be rotated before the retainer can be removed …   Locksmith dictionary

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  • core —   n.    a complete unit, often with a figure eight shape, which usually consists of the plug, shell, tumblers, springs, plug retainer and spring cover(s). It is primarily used in removable and interchangeable core cylinders and locks …   Locksmith dictionary

  • cylinder —   n.    a complete operating unit which usually consists of the plug shell, tumblers, springs, plug retainer, a cam/tailpiece or other actuating device, and all other necessary operating parts …   Locksmith dictionary

  • cap —    1. n. a spring cover for a single pin chamber    2. n. a part which may serve as a plug retainer and/or a holder for the tailpiece    3. v. to install a cap …   Locksmith dictionary

  • face cap —   n.    a finished cover, that may retain a dust cover or serve as a plug retainer, affixed to the face of some lock cylinders …   Locksmith dictionary

  • scalp —   n.    a thin piece of metal which is usually crimped or spun onto the front of a cylinder. It determines the cylinder s finish and may also serve as the plug retainer …   Locksmith dictionary

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